Resilency – The Point is to Thrive

Over the past year, did you ever say – “Oh, I can’t wait until things are back to how they used to be?”

Our world was turned upside down. We had to navigate this new world without a map and an unsure destination. Now, as the world is opening up, are you headed back to where you were, or do you find yourself headed in a new and exciting direction? Did you survive this past year or have you thrived?

How would you define Resiliency? Is it about bouncing back or is there more to it? Good news – EVERYONE can learn to be resilient. It is not a trait that you are either born with or without. Being resilient involves behaviors, thoughts and actions that can be learned by anyone. Resiliency is NOT coping. Coping is simply getting through the moment. However, when the same or similar challenge reappears, you again find yourself just hoping to get through it, to get back to where you started. Since Resiliency is learned, it requires that we face obstacles, not avoid them. Resilience, therefore, is not about bouncing back. It is about moving forward more energized, elevated, and equipped for what’s next. What could you and your team accomplish if you were more energized, elevated, and equipped? How can you make that a reality?

A sports psychologist, Dr. James Loehr, looked at world class tennis champions. He wanted to know what set apart those in the top tier from others on the circuit. What do you think made the difference? What he found, was that it was what they did in between points that mattered in determining true success. Resetting themselves – energy recovery and positive focus. This can apply to anyone at any time. How many of you want to be on your A game all day? This ties in with our ethical imperative of Self-Care. What you do between ApPOINTments, can set you up for success or for fatigue.

Here are 5 simple Resiliency skills to help keep you on your A-game:

  • Reset your Alarms – develop self-awareness to decrease reactions to stressors
  • Refocus your Brain – not multi-tasking, but complete attention to task at hand
  • Reframe your Attitude – choose to be positive and to seek the positive
  • Refresh your Body – SELF CARE!!
  • Renew your Spirit – remember your WHY; pray, meditate, breathe, practice Gratitude

It is also important to grieve /shed the negative emotions that attach to you during the day and to put yourself in a positive frame of mind. Positive emotions are the fuel for Optimism, the engine that drives Resiliency.

Resilience acknowledges that life is hard and that there will be challenges that will knock us down. More importantly, it prompts us to prepare, not just to fall, but to get back up and rise stronger and better for it.