Alabama Veterinarian Magazine

Alabama Veterinarian is the perfect opportunity for you to meet your clients by advertising your products and services to a target audience of practicing veterinarians throughout the state of Alabama. This biannual publication provides members across the state with the latest news in veterinary medicine, legislative issues, educational opportunities and legal matters. Take advantage of Alabama Veterinarian today and meet your new clients!

Approximately 1,000 copies of Alabama Veterinarian are received by all members of the Alabama Veterinary Medical Association, state agencies and Alabama veterinary colleges. 

The ALVMA was established in 1907 and is the oldest professional organization for veterinarians in the state. ALVMA members are involved in all areas of veterinary practice and are committed to their profession and their patients.

  • President’s Message takes a look at issues that need to be addressed, current and upcoming legislation, and the overall climate of veterinary medicine today.
  • Member News provides updates on the benefits of ALVMA membership and CE programs offered throughout the year.
  • News You Can Use provides readers updates on ALVMA public relations efforts, new federal and state regulations, and changes in current ones.

Alabama Veterinarian provides regular feature articles on news from state veterinary schools, member feature articles, legislative news, state veterinarian updates and ALVMA’s calendar of events.

The prices contained in this rate sheet are firm for a signed contract period only, subject to change upon renewal. Multiple insertion rates apply to two consecutive issues from the date of the first insertion, and must be designated on the original insertion order/contract. Advertisers receive a 10% discount for committing to both Spring and Fall issues. If number of insertions are not specified, insertions will be billed at the one-time rate.

All payments are due 30 days after date of invoice. Past due invoices are subject to a one percent per month service charge. The advertiser (and the agency when applicable) is responsible for payment of all advertising to the publisher. The advertiser is responsible for payments not made by their agency. The content of the material is the sole responsibility of the advertiser and/or agency.

Spring Issue
Insertion Order Date: 03/15/24
Artwork Due Date: 03/31/24

Fall Issue
Insertion Order Date: 09/15/24
Artwork Due Date: 09/30/24

Advertisers receive a 5% discount for committing to both Spring and Fall issues.

Full Page – 1 Issue $1045.00 ea. / 2 Issues $1,880.00 for two
1/2 Page – 1 Issue $715.00 ea. /  2 Issues $1,285.00 for two
1/3 Page – 1 Issue $605.00 ea. / 2 Issues $1,000.00 for two
1/4 Page – 1 Issue $495.00 ea. / 2 Issues $890.00 for two issues

Inside Front – 1 Issue $11550.00 ea. / 2 Issues $2,080.00 for two
Inside Back – 1 Issue $1,155.00 ea. / 2 Issues $2,080.00 for two
Back Cover (3/4 page) – 1 Issue $1,210.00 ea. / 2 Issues $2,180.00 for two issues

Full Page
8.0″ w x 10.55″ h

Back Cover
8.0″ w x 7.15″ h

1/2 Page
8.0″ w x 5.2″ h

1/3 Page
2.8″ w x 10.58″ h

1/4 Page
4″ w x 5.2″ h

Alabama NewsBites

The Alabama Veterinary Medical Association sends an eNewsletter, called NewsBites, to our membership on a monthly basis. This is in addition to our semi-annual printed magazine, the Alabama Veterinarian. This eNewsletter is a great opportunity to promote your business to our membership throughout the year. All advertisements placed in our eNewsletter will have click-through to your website.

The eNewsletter will focus on timely events within our organization, as well as, special spotlights for legislative or medical issues that arise throughout the year and will be emailed to over 1000 members every

The eNews rate card is listed below for your convenience. If you are a current advertiser in the Alabama Veterinarian, you will receive an additional 5% off the advertised pricing. If you are interested in advertising in NewsBites, please contact Staci Corder at or by calling 334.603.6227.

Prices below are for 3 Issues (Quarterly) or 12 issues (Yearly) – Only Jpegs will be accepted. 


Full Page
Dimensions: 7 1/2″ w x 10″ h
Quarterly: $495.00
Quarterly + Magazine: $470.00
Yearly: $1780.00
Yearly + Magazine: $1690.00

Half Page
Dimensions: 1/2″ w x 5″ h
Quarterly + Magazine: $313.50
Yearly: $1180.00
Yearly + Magazine: $1120.00

Qtr Page
Dimensions: 3 3/4″ w x 5″ h
Quarterly + Magazine: $255.00
Yearly + Magazine: 

Eighth Page
Dimensions: 3 5/8″ w x 2 1/2″ h
Quarterly + Magazine: 
Yearly + Magazine: 

To place a display ad in the Alabama NewsBites eNewsletter, send artwork for ad by the 20th of the month prior to the month you wish it to run. (i.e. August 20th to run in September eNewsletter) 

Send payment to:
ALVMA – Attention NewsBites Advertising
Staci Corder
PO Box 803, Fayetteville, TN 37344

Email: / phone: 334.603.6227

ALVMA will accommodate specialty marketing needs including poly-wrap, ad inserts and BRC cards.

Website classified advertising opportunities are available for $50 per month, with a 10% discount for a one-year commitment.

0-50 Words: $40
51-100 Words: $55
101150 Words: $75
151200 Words: $85