Letter from the President

Hello ALVMA Members! 

I am your newly installed president and there are so many great things to tell you about but I am going to whittle it down to two.

I think that this year’s ECVC was about the best one I have ever attended.  Despite the covid snafu with a few speakers, the CE was AWESOME! And our keynote speakers, The Critter Fixers, were inspiring. And the weather was perfectly comfortable.  Our vendors were AWESOME!  And our college’s alumni meetings were so much fun!   I heard that “Beer by the Pool” was a big hit. We are working on some more fun stuff too.  Y’all make plans to come back next year.

Have you ever wondered what the ALVMA is doing for you?  Our Legislative Committee stays active watching bills being introduced in Montgomery that affect veterinarians.  We are always looking for vets that have relationships with state legislators that can be a part of this group.  Call me or Heather Vaughn, ALVMA Executive Director, if you want to be a part of it.   Another great way to help this group is to give to our PAC.  When it comes time to renew your ALVMA membership this year, consider a $25 donation.  A little goes a long way when we all support our PAC!

Thank you for your continued support in the ALVMA!  Have a happy and safe July!

“Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.”

Frances Phillips Kendrick, DVM  
ALVMA President